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Waxing & Treading
Eyebrow threading
Facial waxing
Wax Treatment
The hair to be treated with waxed needs to be a minimum of around 0.75cm this ensures the wax will bond to the hair effectively.
The area to be treated will be pre-cleansing with lotion
High quality cream warm wax or hot wax is applied and removal of the unwanted hair.
Once the hair has been completely removed, a soothing lotion is applied to nourish and calm the skin aiding the skin to recover quickly from the waxing treatment.
Benefits of salon waxing:
• Will help keep skin looking naturally smooth
• Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks - compare that to shaving which can last just a day or two
• Hairs become sparse over time
• Hairs become finer and weaker
• Slows down hair growth
• Eliminates stubble growth
Threading - An Ancient Technique of Hair Removal
Threading is a popular alternative to facial waxing, cotton is used to removal facial hair within small areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, chin & sides of face, excellent for clients with sensitive skin, can be less irritating to the skin, minimising redness.  Similar length of time to perform as waxing.
  1. Full Leg Wax £20.00
  2. Three Quarter Leg Wax £16.00
  3. Eyebrow Waxing £10.00
  4. Chin Waxing £6.00
  5. Underarm Waxing £10.00
  6. Half Arm Waxing £10.00
  7. Threading - Eyebrow £7.00
  8. Threading - Top Lip £7.00
  1. Half Leg Waxing £14.00
  2. Bikini Wax £10.00
  3. Top Lip Waxing £7.00
  4. Eyebrow, Top lip & Chin £19.00
  5. Full Arm Waxing £15.00
  6. Brazilian Waxing £25.00 Hollywood Waxing £29.00
  7. Threading - Chin £6.00
  8. Threading - Eyebrow, Top lip & Chin £19.00
Waxing - After Treatment Advice
Freshly waxed skin needs to be looked after for 24 - 48 hours after treatment regardless of the size of the area that has been treated.
The hair follicles will remain open for up to 12 hours and heat will be retained in the skin, therefore, to avoid any complications the following advice must be adhered to:
No hot baths or showers for 24 hours
No sunbeds or sun exposure for at least 24 hours
Wear loose clothing after treatment
Do not apply perfumed products for at least 24 hours
Do not apply make-up over the waxed area
Avoid touching the area that has been treated
Do not swim for at least 24 hours
Do not exfoliate for at least 24 hours
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer with ingrown hairs it is best not to try to squeeze them out of the skin as quite often this can lead to infection of the hair follicle. We would suggest exfoliating the areas you have waxed twice a week to prevent ingrown hairs, you may also like to try applying a suitable solution to help raise the hairs out of the skin. For further help contact us.